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    NCTís fully equipped Inspection & Metallurgical Laboratory enables us to develop and qualify the most challenging of parts and processes.

Destructive Testing is performed on the development weld during the weld development process to prove material tensile and shear properties, and analyze and verify material microstructure. It is also used on a periodic sampling basis during production per customer requirements or as prescribed by various quality specifications. Important material properties like material ductility, elongation, yield, and adhesion can be demonstrated and measured.

NCTís destructive testing capabilities include tensile testing, bend testing, metallography & material microstructure.

Non Destructive Testing is a very successful method NCT uses to verify stock material integrity as well as finished products. Ultrasonic Inspection methods can verify bond integrity as well as internal material flaws such as laminations or voids.

NCT offers a variety of non-destructive testing methods, including: ultrasonic, dye penetrant and flourescent penetrant.

Weld Parameter Monitoring assures weld quality by monitoring all crucial process parameters with limits and alarms to guarantee process integrity, repeatability, and quality.

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