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Benefits & Advantages

Environmentally Friendly

  • Environmentally friendly process minimizes energy consumption and generates no smoke, gasses, or waste stream.

  • Product Improvement
  • Join highly dissimilar metal combination to optimize your products' quality and properties.
  • Joint strength equal to or greater than that of parent material.
  • Low temperature solid state forging preserves microstructure and material properties (no melting)
  • Full cross-sectional porosity-free bond.
  • Very narrow heat-affected zone.
  • Consistent & repeatable high quality welds through microprocessor-based automation.
  • Unlimited part length.
  • Only solid, internal materials exist across boundary- no third alloys.
  • Allows flexibility to combine materials of different properties or prefab components made by different technologies
  • Combining materials frees your design to combine properties like conductivity, reluctance, hardness, strength, weight, tubulars, non magnetics, etc.

  • Cost Savings
  • Produce near net shape geometries not producible with forging, casting, or forming that reduce machining and waste.
  • Create casting or forging-like blanks with minimal tooling costs and no minimum lot quantities.
  • Save labor, material, and operations through near net size design.
  • Simplification of component design.
  • Ideal for small quantities/prototypes through high volume thanks to low initial costs.
  • Low cycle times = High production rates and low costs.
  • No joint preparation required - saw cuts are most commonly used.
  • Join less costly, lighter, or tubular materials to expensive materials or prefabs to optimize designs.
  • In-process flash removal- eliminates costly grinding.
  • Standardization of components lets you reduce inventory.
  • No fluxes, fillers, shield gasses or vacuum required.

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